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We are proud of our values and our colleagues who live these values daily. See what our colleagues say about being part of team Certa…

Safety First

Our priority on safety has always been the foundation of our sustained success in business. 

We always prioritise the safety of our employees, contractors, customers and any others who may be affected by our business activities. 

This is why we continuously look for ways to improve our culture, systems, and our processes around safe practices. 

Bold and Courageous

We embrace challenges with the determination to succeed. We push our boundaries and challenge the status quo. Every day we strive to understand the limits of “what’s possible?” and “why not?”. 

Both as individuals and as a collective, we strive to find innovative solutions to problems for our shared future and achieve our goal of becoming Ireland’s most loved, most efficient and most profitable energy brand. 

One Team

We are one team and work with a shared vision; which is to always do the right thing for our customers, our businesses and our people. 

Internally, we operate without silos, and we say what we feel, we’re always respectful, honest and empathetic to different views and opinions, embracing diversity and nurturing inclusivity. 

We’re problem solvers who are never afraid to take the initiative and personal ownership of the part that we play. Our one-team culture means that we’re stronger together and are capable of accomplishing great things. 

If you’re interested in joining this team, please check our vacancies here:

Irrepressible Performance

We at Certa share a collective entrepreneurial spirit, an agile approach to solving problems, a passion for accuracy, a dedicated work ethic and an unwavering commitment in serving our customers. 

Performance is at the heart of what we do and it makes us continuously seek new ways to improve what we do. Our pursuit of excellence demands that each one of us bring a consistently strong performance to their work every day, thus ensuring the long-term success and growth of our business.

Customer Obsessed

We take pride in defying expectations. We keep on our toes and come up with fresh ways to do things in response to changing customer requirements. 

Our increased focus on being customer-centric across the organisation drives us to deliver the best-in-class experiences to our customers. This is what helps us build enduring and lasting relationships based on trust, value and respect. 

Our shared belief in environmental citizenship and our philosophy of small steps over time equals big strides, helps us build an energy-efficient future for our customers and for our planet.


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