What is HVO?

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a low-carbon biofuel that serves as a direct replacement for regular diesel fuel. It is produced from treating waste plant-matter with hydrogen, which means it does not release any additional carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

HVO & Kerosene

HVO renewable diesel is mixed with Kerosene to ensure a high-quality, sustainable heating oil blend. The two fuels are mixable at any volume, so there is no need to throw away your existing kerosene supplies.


HVO is 100% interchangeable with regular diesel and there is no requirement to modify your tank or heating system.



What Are The Benefits of HVO?

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Reduced Carbon Emissions


Reduced Nox Emissions

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Reduced Particulate Matter

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N0x (7)


N0x (5)

Extreme Temperature Performance

N0x (6)

Long Shelf-Life (10x Diesel)

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Mixable with Kerosene

Where can I learn more about
HVO Fuel?

The Certa HVO E-Book is our useful guide for fuelling business with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil in 2023:


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