How To Keep Kids Entertained indoors during a wet weekend

Let’s face it – August has been a bit of a washout this year in Ireland. Most of us were hoping for lovely sun-filled days where we could spend the majority of it outside, in outdoor pursuits like camping or having BBQs and picnics, but the sad reality has just been rain, rain and more rain. When the kids are off school for the whole summer, sometimes ensuring they have time to play outside is a necessity, but when the weather is so terrible, outdoor play isn’t always possible, or practical. If you’re struggling to find things to entertain your kids with indoors during a wet weekend, read on for some ideas and inspiration. 

Movie Day

Dim the lights, close the blinds, drag an air mattress or big cushions onto the floor and add lots of blankets before snuggling down together with some homemade popcorn and watch your favourite movies together. If you have more than one child in the house, take it in turns to choose the film or pick a theme and try to think of films around it, for example films about dogs or about summer or superheroes (always a firm favourite!)


If traditional movie nights have come to feel a bit stale, have everybody purposely pick the worst movie they can find and have a night of fun laughing at those and enjoying their terrible premises!

Indoor Bowling

If this sounds dangerous, don’t worry – it’s totally safe. Simply get some empty water bottles and set them up in the garage or hallway and use a tennis ball to knock the pins over. If you have some glow sticks, you can also put these in the bottles and turn the lights off to have glow in the dark bowling! 

Pizza Party

Summer normally means BBQs and cooking outside, but as is so typical with the Irish weather we’re no stranger to having to move cooking indoors when the weather takes a turn for the unexpected. Cooking indoors can still be a lot of fun though, especially if you make it a pizza party! Try your hand at making your own dough and experiment with the toppings – such an easy way to spend an afternoon, and dinner is included at the end of it. 

Indoor camping

Camping and summertime should go hand in hand, but sadly this year camping would have almost certainly meant getting washed away. Not to worry – you can still camp, just indoors. Clear some floor space and build a fort or pitch your tent indoors and have your camping experience out of the elements instead.

Spending more time indoors due to bad weather usually means that you’ll need the heating on a bit more often. Even if it’s still warm outside, looking out at drizzly dark weather can make you feel cold and that’s normally when the heating gets switched on for an hour. If you’ve found that you haven’t been able to avoid doing this over the past month, make sure to check your home heating oil levels and re-order with us before the rush starts again in September.  Get a quote online at any time by using our handy online form. 


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