Supplier of a full range of lubricant products

Certa supplies lubricants and ancillary products across Commercial, Passenger, Industrial, Marine and agricultural industries.

Reinforce your business with the support of our team. We have the capability and expertise to support your business and also provide fast advice and product solutions for your customers’ needs. 

Our Products

We supply the complete range of Lubricants and Greases for the Automotive, Agricultural and Independent Workshop sectors. This is just a selection of our products:
  • Engine oils for all Vehicles (Fully synthetic, Semi-synthetic and Mineral)
  • Hydraulic oils (Fire-resistant, Biodegradable and Mineral)
  • Complete range of Agri/Tractor oils
  • Gear oils ( Automotive and Industrial)
  • Greases (Food Grade, Biodegradable and Water-resistant)
  • Cleaners (Solvent and Aqueous)
  • Food grade sprays and release oils
  • An expansive range of Chain Lubricants for all sectors
  • Cutting oils ( Soluble and Neat)
  • Marine Lubricants (Engine, Stern Tube and Ancillary Grades)
  • Equipment (Tanks, Filtration, Pumps )
  • Spill containment ( Storage units, Spill Kits and Handling Equipment)

A bold and simple mission

Certa operates across the island of Ireland with a very simple mission.

We can supply the correct lubricants for all Customers

We achieve this bold yet simple mission by working closely with our Multinational Supplier Partners within our local market. 

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