High-Performance Lubrication Solutions

The demands placed on your vessel don’t stop at fuel. With Certa’s comprehensive range of high-performance lubrication solutions from top lubricant brands, we play our part to ensure that the marine industry keeps moving smoothly. 

Choose The Right Lubricants For Your Vessel

Effective engine lubrication and performing preventative maintenance are some of the most important ways to support more efficient operations on board a marine vessel. Choosing the right lubricant to support these operations can be confusing.

This is where we come in. With access to a world-leading product range including oils, lubricants, greases fluids and additives be ensured that Certa can meet all the requirements so that you can rely on your vessel to keep going.

Engine Oil

Our engine oils meet the increasing demands of marine engines and provide exceptional engine cleanliness and wear protection for low, medium and high-speed engines. 

Hydraulic Oils

With carefully selected additives, our hydraulic oils provide excellent protection against oxidation, degradation, rust, corrosion and wear. 

Gears And Bearings

Our array of gears and bearings has outstanding lubrication performance and load-carrying capacity under severe operating conditions such as shock loading and more.

Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants

Our range of environmentally acceptable lubricants is innovative products including hydraulic and gear fluids, grease and biodegradable wire rope.

Turbine Oils

Make sure your turbines are running smoothly with Certa’s high-performance steam turbine oil. 

Transmission Fluid

Certa delivers a range of advanced, synthetic and premium universal products. 


The greases we provide are formulated to provide excellent protection against wear. 

Compressor Oils

We provide compressor oils including air, refrigeration and gas compressors. 

Rapid Oil Analysis

Keep your vessels running smoothly by identifying potential oil or equipment failure with the Rapid Oil Analysis condition monitoring service.


Adblue® is designed for use in diesel engines to ensure they meet the standards for Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel emissions. 

We Are More Than Just Our Products

Our team at Certa delivers high-performance products to all our clients, but that’s not where it ends. We are more than that. Marine engine technology is developing at a rate of knots and engineers are under more pressure than ever to keep things moving smoothly while improving productivity and lowering operational costs. We don’t stop at just delivering you the best products, but we ensure you get the best experience. 

Team of technical experts

Our team of technical experts are always here to support you with your most complex challenges. From rust prevention to finding more environmentally friendly solutions, our team at Certa have you covered. We offer a complete package of lubricant products to suit all vessel types including 2 and 4-stroke, inboard/outboard gasoline and diesel engines. Talk to our team and get the guidance needed to pick the right solution for your needs. 

A market-leading portfolio

At Certa, we provide a market-leading portfolio of lubricants, oils and greases. Our products and expertise can help you in maximising efficiency, boosting performance and reducing downtime to achieve significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

Keeping you compliant

While delivering high-performance lubricants to meet the needs of your fleet, our products are also designed to keep up with the latest environmental legislation and OEM requirements. So, as well as keeping you moving, we’re also keeping you compliant. In addition to our products, you also benefit from expert monitoring and bespoke consultancy services to identify and solve problems before they 

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