We're on a Journey...

We’re putting sustainability at the center of everything we do.

Our mission is to be Ireland’s most progressive energy company. We’re making major strides for our people, communities, and our planet. We’ve committed to going Net Zero in carbon emissions by 2030 or sooner.

Energy Transition

Our energy transition journey is gradual but exciting!

We’re investing in renewable energy technologies to transition our operations and products away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy solutions.

We’ve started our transition with HVO Renewable Diesel, Solar Energy, and EV Charging.

Empowering Change

We’re leading the way by guiding the customers and communities we serve. Our dedicated energy experts operating across a diverse range of industries are helping people, homes, and businesses to champion sustainable energy solutions.

We’re proud to offer our customers an ever-growing range of future-facing energy technologies to bring them on this journey with us.

Simply Smarter...

We’ve pledged to use less, waste less, and save more while providing lower carbon energy alternatives to our customers. 

We’ve set a series of sustainability goals which we’re working towards. 

Energy Consumption

By 2025 we will be on track to reduce our Scope 1 and our Scope 2 carbon emissions by 50%.

    • We’re installing Solar PV across our network.
    • We use LED lighting across our forecourt site, using 75% less electricity than traditional bulbs.
    • All electricity across the entire Certa operation is powered by 100% Green electricity.

ISO Standards

We have started our journey towards ISO 14001 accreditation! This is a significant initiative to support our sustainability goals. 

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised guide designed to assist businesses in effectively managing their environmental impact. It provides a structured framework known as an Environmental Management System. The standards within this framework help organisations integrate environmentally responsible practices into their daily operations.

ISO 14001 covers a range of aspects, such as waste management, energy consumption, and emissions. By adhering to this standard, Certa can systematically address environmental considerations, adhere to regulations, and make significant strides towards our sustainability goals.

Steps to Date: A comprehensive gap analysis was conducted for ISO 14001. Certa’s aim is to achieve ISO 14001 accreditation in 2024.

Some Key Numbers...

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