What is Heavy Fuel Oil?

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) or Black Oil is one of the least expensive of the refined oil fuels and generally can only be used by facilities that have preheating capabilities. Heavy Fuel Oil is primarily used in industrial boilers and other direct source heating applications.

It is also used as a principal fuel in marine applications and large diesel engines. We supply a full range of industrial heavy fuel oils for steam boilers, dryers and furnaces to a wide spectrum of industries throughout Ireland.

Where is HFO Used?

Our broad customer base includes Power Stations, Breweries, Food Processors, Pharmaceutical Companies, Heavy Industry and Marine. Certa provides various grades of fuel oil to all customers’ requirements including:
  • Heavy Fuel Oil (100% Fuel Oil)
  • Medium Fuel Oil (85% Fuel Oil, 15% Gas Oil)
  • Light Fuel Oil (60% Fuel, 40% Gas Oil)
  • Intermediate Fuel Oil (30 / 180 / 380)
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