Quality Agricultural Oil You Can Trust

Certa has been one of the leading agricultural oil suppliers for over 40 years. The agri market has always been close to our heart, quite literally!

We supply all types of farmers and agricultural contractors with the highest quality fuels, at the best possible prices.


  • Sulphur Free Agricultural Oil (Gas 10ppm);
  • High Sulphur Agricultural Oil (Gas 1000ppm);
  • Road Diesel (Derv);
  • Kerosene;
  • Unleaded Petrol.

Farming is in Certa’s DNA and this gives us a great appreciation for the rigors and the demands faced by the professional farmer!

We understand you need a fuel supplier that provides the best prices, the highest quality products and a flexible delivery service to meet your unique demands.

That’s why we monitor our prices daily to ensure you get the best prices, a flexible delivery service to suit you and highest quality products supplied direct from the terminal to your tractor.

We supply the full range of agricultural oil products including Sulphur Free Agricultural Oil (Gas 10ppm), High Sulphur Agricultural Oil (Gas 1000ppm), Road Diesel (Derv), kerosene and unleaded petrol. 

Fuel Quality

Certa supplies the highest quality products directly from the terminal.

Best Prices

We monitor our prices daily to ensure you always get the best prices.


Certa provides best in-class flexible delivery service, trust us to deliver your fuel when you need it! 

Dedicated Account Team

Certa provides a dedicated customer care team, with a Primary and Secondary agent assigned to your account, you always receive first class personal service 


Certa can provide top up or regular order service to meet your specific needs, meaning we can arrange a flexible delivery schedule at agreed intervals thus ensuring that you never have to worry about running out of oil. Out of hours deliveries can also be scheduled. Our extensive fleet can deliver order sizes from 300 litres to 38,000 litres. 

Fast Delivery And Local Knowledge

We guarantee fast delivery times combined with strong local knowledge. Our local depot network ensures this. You can speak directly with one of our dedicated Agricultural Team by calling 0818 839 839

Our agricultural fuel is delivered to our depots directly from the terminal, guaranteeing a fuel quality that ensures your machinery maintains its optimum performance over a maximum life. Call our specialist Agri-team or order online with minimum hassle and leave the rest to us. 

Express Commercial Quote

For an express commercial quote, please complete the Express Enquiry form on the top of the page by entering your requirements and contact details. Too lazy? No problem! Just call us on 0818 839 839 and we will fill in the gaps.

Low Sulphur vs high Sulphur

Most new engines including John Deere, Cat & ARGO and Case New Holland are designed to run on Sulphur Free Gas Oil (SFGO), which is also referred to as Gas 10(ppm).

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