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Self Service Car Wash

Every season brings challenges to your car. Whether that’s bird droppings and tree sap in the summer or mud and snow in the winter, paint work can quickly become dull and compromised.

To help keep your vehicle looking top notch, we’ve 14 car wash locations offering a combination of automatic Brush Wash Machines and manual Jet Wash Machines.

Simple, convenient and easy to use we’ll wash that road right out of your car, in no time at all!! 

Prefer to wash your car yourself?

No problem. 11 of our car wash locations offer jet wash machines starting from €5 for 6 minutes.

Clean inside and out

Across all 35 Certa pay@pump sites nationwide, we’ve vacuum machines to keep your car preening, inside and out. From as a little as €1 you can give your interiors the once over, removing dirt, detritus, crumbs and animal hair from upholstery and carpets.

look good €8

foam, wash, wax & dry

show some swagger €10

foam, wash, underbody, wax & dry

stop traffic €12

foam, wash, underbody, polish, rain protector, wax & dry

Choice of 3 different options & prices

Our keenly priced automatic brush washes start from as little as €8 and with 3 programmes to choose from you can give your car some VIP treatment!

How to purchase a car wash?

It’s easy. You can buy a car wash at the pump and receive a code and you use this at the car wash terminal. Alternatively you can tap your card for payment at the car wash payment terminal.

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