How To Know Which Type Of Heating Oil You Need?

No need to be confused when trying to figure out what home heating oil you need for your tank. Most fuel products have multiple names and terms, and below we will guide you through identifying what you require.  

Using Kerosene as your Home Heating Oil

Always check your boiler or tank to see if there are any stickers to confirm the type of heating oil it requires. Most new and modern home heating systems use Kerosene to fire their oil boiler. Kerosene is exempt from Excise Duties. This is also a reason for making it the lowest cost heating oil available.

Also known as Kero, Jet A1, 28 Second Oil or Standard Kero, Kerosene is orange in colour and is the most common fuel used in modern burners. It is a clean-burning fuel suitable for indoor use in cookers and boiler ranges. Kerosene is treated with an anti-freeze agent, giving you a winter-grade oil. 

Using Gas Oil for Home Heating

While Kerosene is the more popular option, some households, as well as commercial customers, still use gas oil to heat their homes and their business. Gas Oil is also used for some non-road vehicles.

Certa offers gas oil as an alternative home heating fuel. Gas Oil is dyed green to differentiate it from diesel, giving it the name ‘green diesel. Gas oil is also known as 35-second oil and MGO (marked gas oil). 

Did You Know?

Before the discovery of Kerosene, whale oil was often used in its place. 

Therefore, kerosene has changed the face for the oil industry. It is extracted by distilling crude oil and is colourless and thin. However, dyes are added to help distinguish it from gas oil. 


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