Solar PV

Solar systems consist of various elements, the most important of which are Solar PV panels. They capture the energy of the sun and convert it into usable energy by creating an electric field. Solar panels are usually mounted on roofs for direct access to sunlight. The array can be designed to maximise any roof space available.


The bigger the panels, the more energy the solar system will be able to produce. This is why we only choose the highest quality of Solar PV panels. However, installation is as important as the product as poorly installed systems may malfunction or not perform at the expected level. Our experts will listen to your requirements, find the best place for installation, and get the job done.


Do I Qualify for a Solar Grant?

A grant of €2,100 (including the €50 BER grant) is available to all solar systems installed in the Republic of Ireland. Grants are only available to households that were built before 2021.


We deduct the grant from our invoice, so you don’t need to worry about waiting on the grant to be refunded to you.  As an approved SEAI solar installation company, we’ll take care of your entire grant application process. All you need to do is fill in some very simple paperwork.


Talk to us today and we we’ll get your grant sorted!

Solar for Business

Businesses choose solar systems as they help them be more self reliant and less dependent on external energy sources. It’s also often a key step towards sustainability. This is increasingly the case as the Irish government continue to provide financial incentives for businesses to make the switch. Adopting solar energy benefits businesses by clearly demonstrating a serious intention to move towards sustainability while also avoiding potential energy price hikes or supply issues in the future. 


Our scalable solar system Autarco can help businesses achieve these results at a fraction of the cost. Businesses have the option to add more equipment as energy requirements increase. Our systems are easy to maintain and are built to last a lifetime. Contact us today to know more about and how we can help your business to achieve energy independence.

Professional and Experienced Solar Panel Installers

Our team of pros will install your system so you can get the best outcome. Our team will find the best location to install panels and ensure you have no problem keeping them maintained.  

You can request a free quote and have our professional team members inspect your property and suggest the best system according to your requirements. We’ll even install it for you.

Give us a call today or fill out the form below so we can have one of our energy experts contact you! 

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