Certa’s value guarantee for our home heating oil customers:

Certa is committed to enabling customers achieve energy savings, we strive for a sustainable future by assisting customers use our fuels in the most efficient manner, thus allowing customers to save money whilst protecting the environment.

1. Service your boiler annually

Like most items that are in regular use, it is much easier to maintain, than to repair. There are so many parts inside a boiler, a simple annual service can provide a hassle free system for years on end. An efficient boiler creates more energy for less, reducing your energy costs

2. Check your home insulation

Insulation evenly distributed throughout your home generally produces better results than additional insulation applied to only one or two areas. 

It is better to have a good overall level of insulation than, for example, a highly insulated roof with no wall insulation.

3. Check your hot water cylinder

Insulate your hot water cylinder and pipes. Hot water will stay hot longer by fitting a lagging jacket. An 80mm jacket can cut heat loss by 75%. Even if your cylinder is already insulated, if the jacket is less than 75mm thick, it’s worth getting a new one. 

Don’t cover the cap of the immersion heater with the jacket. If you need to replace your cylinder, choose one with a preformed foam insulation jacket.

4. Check your heating system for leaks

Check your home heating system for leaks regularly, any oil or water leaks will have a negative effect on your heating system, thus preventing it from operating at its optimum level. Do a visual inspection for signs of leaks around your boiler, oil tank, valves, flanges and pipe work.
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5. When possible avoid ordering small quantities of heating oil

The more litres you buy the better the price! You will get better value for money on larger orders as the cost of delivery is reduced due to efficiencies.

6. Use a smart heating control or timer

Ensure you only heat your house when you need to by using a smart home heating control or a timer. 

Set your heating to come on only when you need it, most modern controls will allow you set variable schedules for 7 days. New devices on the market like NEST and CLIMOTE will allow you set or change your timer remotely.

7. Use heating control zones

Most modern heating systems are zoned, meaning you can isolate different areas of your house that you are not using, like a spare sitting rooms, bedrooms etc, also ensure you turn off radiators in unused rooms and keep all doors closed.

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