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Looking for the service stations on your route that accept Certa Fuel Cards? Use our map below. 

Fuel Cards That Mean Business

Apply for a Certa Fuel Card today and start using it in any of the 1400 Certa, Emo, Texaco or Top Oil service stations nationwide. Your monthly invoices conveniently summarise your VAT which you can use for VAT reclaim purposes.

Fuel cards enable a convenient, secure and cost-effective method for paying for petrol or diesel fuel at any forecourt in our service station network across Ireland.

With dedicated 24/7 online account management, Certa Fuel Cards allow you to monitor and track your fuel expenses. With these services, the complex process of tracking your fuel expenditure becomes automated. This saves you time, and as the old adage goes: time is money. We all know that this has never been more true!

Certa Fuel Card Advantages

  • Competitive Prices
  • Absolutely No Card Charges or Extra Costs
  • An Extensive Network of over 1400 Service Stations
  • Monthly Invoice
  • 24 Hour Access to Selected Campus Sites
  • Dedicated Account Management, Allowing Monitoring and Tracking
  • Chip & Pin Technology
  • Regular Statements Allowing You to Claim Back VAT
  • Approved for Government Diesel Rebate Scheme

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