Efficient and Dependable Delivery of Home Heating Oil in Kildare

Our locally based friendly and efficient drivers service County Kildare and are on the road 6 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm, all year round.

Reliable Kildare Oil Delivery

Knowing when your home heating oil will be delivered is important to everybody. On the supply side, actually achieving that is very challenging! There are complex logistics involved not least of which is the routing of delivery trucks based on orders on a given day. Throughout county Kildare, Certa has this process refined down to a definite delivery date (barring a force majeure!) and customers will receive a text on the morning of delivery specifying whether they should be expected in the AM or PM, depending on logistics. Our home heating oil Kildare deliveries take place from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm six days per week and you can order online anytime!

Lower Cost Home Heating Oil

Certa tracks the price of kerosene every day to ensure that the actual heating oil price you pay is among the lowest in the industry. Being price competitive at all times is a key goal at Certa.

Top Quality Product, Top Quality Service

Our quality assurance standards are designed to make sure that the heating oil you order is exactly what you get. That ranges from always calibrated meters to ensure the correct quantity of oil to streamlined delivery routes that get your oil to you when you expect it.

Local Drivers In Kildare

Certa has a local driver preference whenever possible. Local drivers know the people on the routes better than anyone else and have a personal stake in maintaining a first-class relationship with you through excellent service at all times.

Why Choose Certa As Your Home Heating Oil Supplier In Kildare?

Throughout Co. Kildare, we think Certa’s home heating oil delivery service is the best in class! Whether there’s hail, rain, sun or snow, we’ll be on the roads warming the houses of those we value most; Certa customers. We can service your boiler when needed. With Certa, you can expect lower-priced home heating oil and industry-leading service quality. 

3 Certa Commitments To Kildare Heating Oil Customers

Heating oil prices from Certa will always be set at a level that is excellent value for Kildare homeowners. Certa monitors the price of heating oil daily and strives to be among the most price and service-competitive home heating oil suppliers in Kildare by adjusting its heating oil prices accordingly every day.

We deliver throughout Co. Kildare, six days per week, 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. Drivers will send a text message on the morning of delivery.

We use local drivers to deliver your heating oil when possible and will continue to support the local Waterford economy whenever we can. Our local drivers not only have the friendliest relationships with our customers but are best placed to know the routes, the people and the land they serve.

The Fastest Way To Top Up Your Heating Oil Tank (And Service Your Boiler!)

Order your home heating oil online today at the top of this page or just call us on Lo-call 0818 550 550 and we can take your order by phone. We can also service your heating oil boiler if it’s overdue – just ask!

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