Quality Heating Oil Delivery!

Our home heating oil delivery trucks and 23 local fuel depots make up one of the largest fuel delivery networks in Ireland. That means that when you order your oil from Certa (formerly Jones Oil), it will be delivered from your nearest depot, from one of our outstanding local teams – fast!

Plus our seamless online ordering process means that ordering is a piece of cake too. 


Big Savings, Big Rewards

Not only do we offer the best savings on home heating oil in Ireland, we also give you Tesco clubcard points with every order. You can earn 1 Tesco Clubcard Point for every €2 you spend on heating oil.

Simply add your Tesco Clubcard number at the online checkout, in your My Account or give it to one of our agents when you’re placing your order on the phone. Those points all add up – Every little helps!

Order your Heating Oil in 4 Easy Steps

To get our latest low prices, use our instant quote form at the top of this page. Simply enter your oil type, your county, and required volume. Once you’re happy to proceed, just pay and go! It only takes two quick minutes to complete your order and tick your oil fill off your to do list. 

We’ll get your oil ready and your local fuel delivery team will get busy filling up the truck to bring the heat directly to your door. We’re fast and efficient in the way we move. We look forward to bringing the heat to your home!

Need to Know More?

If you want to get helpful tips and advice on home heating and how to get the best of your oil, make sure to keep an eye on our News & Media section.

Our expert team loves to share handy information on improving your heating system and taking steps to keep your home as cozy as possible for you and your family!

Kerosene or Gas Oil?

While Kerosene is the more popular option for heating oil in Ireland, some households still use gas oil to heat their homes. 

Most new and modern home heating systems use Kerosene to fire their oil boiler. Kerosene is exempt from Excise Duties. This is also a reason for making it the lowest cost heating oil available. Also known as Kero, Jet A1, 28 Second Oil or Standard Kero, Kerosene is orange in colour and is the most common fuel used in modern burners. It is a clean-burning fuel suitable for indoor use in cookers and boiler ranges. Kerosene is treated with an anti-freeze agent, giving you a winter-grade oil. 

Always check your boiler or tank to see if there are any stickers to confirm the type of heating oil it requires. At Certa, we also supply gas oil as an alternative heating oil. Gas Oil is dyed green to differentiate it from diesel, giving it the name ‘green diesel. Gas oil is also known as 35-second oil and MGO (marked gas oil). 

Want to Spread Out your Payments?

Do you dread those winter Home Heating bills? Would it be better if you could spread the cost of your oil purchases over the year?

Our Budget Payment Plan might be the answer. The Certa Budget Payment Plan allows you to pay for your annual Home Heating Oil orders over a 12 month period with monthly Direct Debit payments to your Budget Plan account. 


No more paying for your home heating oil in one lump sum. No more having to deal with unexpected heating expenses. Order your fills whenever it suits you. Keep your tank topped up and never run out of oil again.

All first time budget plan orders must be paid in advance by cash or debit/credit card. A successful Direct Debit transaction must be processed before another order can be placed. A minimum monthly payment of €100 is recommended, however, your payment may be higher or lower depending on your oil consumption during the Budget Year.


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