Lubricants For Agriculture

Designed to prolong machine lives and reduce maintenance costs,

Certa offers a wide range of oils and greases. From heavy-duty engine oils to milking machine oils, we supply a wide range of products for hard-working machines in tough environments. Our products are approved by many leading agricultural OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). 

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Approved By Leading OEMs

Our Agricultural Lubricant Products

Super Universal Tractor Oils (SUTO)

Reduce machine wear, control the building up of sludge and protect the parts of equipment. Certa’s Super Universal Tractor Oils can be used freely for both tractor engines and hydraulic brake systems. 

Milking Machine Oils

The Milking Machine Oils from Certa is formulated for use in piston and rotary pumps. With our superior quality control, it is suitable for use in all temperatures and conditions.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil (HDDEO)

Enjoy the perks of extended oil drain intervals with Certa’s Heavy-Duty Engine Oil. Blended from selected base stocks and advanced additives, our HDDEO is the ultimate in engine protection and is exactly what you’ll need to protect your engines during the season.

Universal Tractor Oils (UTTO)

Our Universal Tractor Oil (UTTO) is the perfect companion for the transmission and
hydraulic brake systems of your tractors.
Reduce wear, control sludge build-up and protect equipment parts.

Chainsaw Oils

Our Chainsaw Oils are specially developed with superior additives. This ensures that the chain of your chainsaws is well lubricated and prevents breaks and jams that pose a hindrance.

Transmission Fluids

The Transmission Fluids we supply are for use in automatic gearboxes, traditional synchromesh and differential final drive gear systems.

Hydraulic Oils

Our hydraulic oils have considerable renown in the industry for their high-performance and anti-wear capabilities. 


Providing excellent protection against water, the Greases we provide are ensured to stand well protected against wear caused by heavy-load or shock-load operation. 


We provide AdBlue® designed for use in diesel engines. In addition to meeting our already high standards at Certa, our AdBlue® products meet the standards of Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel emissions. 

Antifreeze & Coolants

Ensure that your engine remains operational even under harsh working conditions. Certa’s Antifreeze & Coolants will prevent your engines from freezing in winter as well as keep them cool in summer. 

Rust Preventatives

We provide AdBlue® designed for use in diesel engines. In addition to meeting our already high standards at Certa, our AdBlue® products meet the standards of Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel emissions. 

We offer Fuel & Home Heating Solutions

We offer comprehensive fuel & home heating solutions. Learn more about our other products and solutions.

We are certified partners

Texaco remains at the cutting edge of Agricultural lubricant technology. We are proud to be the sole distributor of bulk and packed Texaco products in the Republic of Ireland. This helps us ensure our customers the innovation and dependability of both Certa and Texaco. 

LOTOS lubricants have been designed for Agriculture. Being an authorised partner of LOTOS enables us to offer a range of lubricants to suit industries throughout Ireland.


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