Powering Traditional And Renewable Energy

At Certa we provide products to help meet your demands for efficiency, uptime, environmental performance and reliability from thermal power plants, wind turbines and gas engines.

Working with our lubricants partners we provide a wide range of lubricants and greases for power generation methods, designed to enhance reliability and productivity. Combining technology, expertise and experience to improve availability and reliability for our power generation customers.

Driving Innovation In Energy Equipment Lubrication

Meeting the varied lubrication demands of today’s turbine equipment is a task that comes with constant innovation. 

Extensive experience

Our extensive experience in lubricating power generation plants helps us drive innovation and become market leaders in this sector.

Matching varied requirements

Whether it is a turbine, transformer or stationary engine, every piece of power generation equipment would be made by different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This means that each of them would have its own oil requirements. 

Meet challenges today and tomorrow

Lubricant manufacturers collaborate with OEMs and utility companies to ensure their oils and greases are optimised for the latest equipment technology. Working closely to develop products that are technologically advanced and can exceed needs now and in the future.
All equipment has its challenges and selecting the right lubricant is a critical first step in improving productivity and realising significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings.

Guaranteed to meet your lubrication demands

Growing energy requirements continue to place increasing demands on the gas engine, wind and turbine applications. With our expertise, we deliver advanced economic and reliable solutions to help improve the efficiency of your operations.

Whether the turbine is an industrial frame machine or an aero-derivative, Certa has a partner’s product to meet the demands of your equipment. 

Oil Analysis Services

At Certa, we are proud of our expertise. We provide Oil Analysis services for a wide range of applications. 

Standard Oil Analysis

Involves routine laboratory analysis supported by specific technical recommendations stored and accessible online. It provides assurance that the fluid is maintained within agreed control limits. 

Advanced Oil Analysis

More comprehensive insight into the fluid condition. Performed by monitoring a wider range of critical parameters to enhance system or machinery performance. 

Talk To One Of Our Experts Today!

Get your customised requirements fulfilled. Talk to us and discuss your requirements with the experts in our team. You can also use our partner manufacturers’ registration number lookup tool to find your requirement. 


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