A Tailored Solution To Your Lubricant Requirements

At Certa Lubricants, we are dedicated to adding value to your business. We understand that sometimes you need more than a great product at a great price. We have a platform of services that underpin our partnerships in many key sectors: 


We support your business by supplying access to a wide range of workshop equipment, tooling and remote tank level monitoring and we can help finance this investment through lubricant purchases over a period of time.  We provide consumables and signage, loyalty programmes and consumer offers. Visit our partners’ lubricant look up pages to enter a registration number and find the Right Oil for the Right Vehicle. If we don’t have ready made solution for you Contact us and we will work with your requirements. 

Our engineers can assist you by conducting surveys of your manufacturing facility and recommending lubricant and maintenance schedules so you can minimise downtime and keep your production flowing effectively and efficiently. Our Oil Analysis service offers you a regular appraisal of the condition of your oil and will be interpreted by one of our expert engineers to give you expert advice. You can view your oil samples on our online laboratory platform.  

The premium products offered by Certa Ireland help to reduce the total cost of ownership. Provide significant savings by reducing maintenance costs, increasing productivity, and improving the reliability of equipment. That means less wear and tear, a reduced likelihood of equipment failure, and minimal downtime. Every hour of downtime saved, helps increase their capacities and production, and provides a real financial benefit. 

Energy, Industrial & Marine


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