When Is the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil?

Christmas may seem like a distant memory but unfortunately the need to keep our homes warm and cosy is very present.

Weather forecasters are already predicting colder spells and the threat of snow, frost and ice is looming over us.

As we settle into the winter season, Certa would like to remind customers that now is the time to start thinking about your heating oil requirements.

Here are some tips and advice on when the best time to buy home heating oil is. 


The most important and beneficial tip is to try to buy your oil at the best time. The summer is usually the best time to buy, but when we are enjoying ourselves outside in the sunshine the last thing on our minds is to buy heating oil.

However, the demand for home heating oil is often greatly reduced in the summer and so too is the demand for boiler services and plumbing work.

So, you might find that this is the cheapest time to buy as it will make your average fuel spend for over the year much more cost effective and create more opportunities for competitive prices.

With the cold spell coming in – we recommend you ensure you have checked your heating oil levels to see you through.

Also, if you can buy some extra to fill your tank to capacity, you will benefit from even more savings by enjoying a lower cost per litre too. 


Ordering oil in the winter means that you’re joining the hundreds of homes and businesses who all need oil at the same time

Whilst our delivery team will strive to get your oil to you as soon as possible, this busy period can mean that we sometimes can’t make it to you house on the same day as you order.

This, along with harsher weather conditions means that your home heating oil may be delayed getting to you.

By ordering your oil in milder weather, you will have your choice of delivery times and there’s less chance of delivery issues due to winter conditions. 

Don’t leave buying your oil to the last minute

Being organised is essential to keeping costs down. Purchasing your oil at the last minute is a bad idea for those who are trying to be more fuel efficient and cost effective.

Install an oil tank monitor – this will notify you when your oil levels are getting low. It’s a lot easier for you than having to brave the winter elements to check the tank.

If you manually check your tank, the best tip is to make ensure you purchase oil before the tank is too low.

Frequent checking is important as low oil will most likely result in an emergency delivery, which in turn, will cost you more. When last did you check your oil levels? 


Managing a household budget can often be a challenge and no one likes to get caught out in the cold. But buying oil in bulk in quieter periods could help you see savings over a few hundred pounds over the course of a year if you buy oil on average two or three times per year.

Nobody likes price increases, but by using Certa’s tips and advice, you can help keep your heating costs down during the winter months and discover when the best time is to buy your oil.

If you’re ready to order home heating oil for your home, get in touch with us at Certa today. You can get an instant online quote on our website, and we deliver with a speedy and reliable service. 


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