Why you still need oil in the spring

why you still need oil in the spring

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the promise of brighter days, warmer temperatures and the chance to finally leave the house without several layers of woollen clothing. Yes, the brighter days makes us all that little bit happier, but thanks to the unpredictable nature of the Irish climate, it’s doubtful that just because it’s spring you can switch your heating off until the autumn.

Here are a few practical reasons why you will still need oil in the spring and how we can help you save money on your home heating bills. 

Home heating oil is used to heat your water

You might not need as much home heating oil to heat your radiators, but if you rely on it to heat your water for a bath or shower then you’ll definitely still ned to top up with home heating oil in the spring. Make sure you are using your oil most effectively for this. There should be a setting on your boiler which will allow you to use the oil to heat only the water, and if you need the heating on for a shorter period of time you can adjust the programme settings to reflect this.

Don’t forget to edit the timer settings too, as the time you spend at home in the spring differs due to holidays, school term breaks or bank holiday weekends. 

The weather is still unpredictable

Yes, it might be spring, but that doesn’t mean much in Ireland! Cold weather snaps are still expected, with lingering chills from the recent ‘Beast from the East’ making it feel bitterly cold – so you won’t be switching your heating off just yet. Make sure you don’t run out by topping up your oil tank now with a great value delivery from Certa. Even if you don’t use it all now, you can keep it safely stored in your tank for use later in the year – your home heating oil won’t deteriorate or go off. 

It’s never a good idea to run completely out of oil

If you haven’t ordered oil recently and don’t plan to because we’re coming into the warmer part of the year, you could end up costing yourself hundreds in damages to your boiler and your heating system by letting your oil tank run completely dry.

At the bottom of your tank, it is quite common for sludge and grime to build up over time. This lies in a thick pile at the bottom of the tank and if you run out of oil and accidentally draw this sludge through your heating system, you will most likely have to pay for a professional cleaning and flushing of your system to restore it to its former efficiency. The safer bet is to check your tank levels regularly and top up with a smaller amount just so that you have some in reserve to prevent this from happening. 

You need to heat your rooms to keep them aired and free from condensation

Your home should be a warm and comfortable place to live, and if you are trying to save money by only heating the rooms you use, you could soon discover condensation, damp or mould build up in unheated rooms. To prevent this, we would recommend that you keep heating these rooms but just turn your radiator thermostat down to low, so that you don’t waste any heating unnecessarily.

If you need a home heating oil top up this spring, don’t forget you can always get a great value quote and a speedy delivery from us. Use our handy online quote generator to get a price in just a few seconds. 

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