6 Facts You Never Knew About Home Heating Oil

Thought you knew everything about home heating oil? Here are some interesting facts about home heating oil and the benefits of using oil as your preferred fuel source to heat your home, that you may not know! 

Service your boiler

One of the most useful home heating oil facts to know is that your home heating oil will be used more efficiently and effectively when your boiler is serviced and working at its best. It is essential to have your boiler serviced one a year to remove any residue build up, dirt or grime that could be slowing it down. It’s also crucial to get it checked to make sure that it’s in safe working order. 

Cleaner and greener

Using home heating oil to warm your home has very few emissions, making it a cleaner fuel to use for heating. With newer heating systems, this emissions level is nearing zero. Many advancements in cleaner, greener fuels have produced bio fuels, which release minimal emissions into the air, and therefore it burns cleaner than it would have done 20 years ago. Home heating oil also produces the hottest flame of any home fuel source, making it the most efficient method used to heat your house quickly. 

More affordable

The price of gas has always been known for being over-priced and often rises when it is least expected. Although heating oil can also change in price you’ll normally pay a reasonable price for it at any time of the year. Heating oil can usually work out cheaper than gas depending on where you live and the size of your home or building. 

Order early

Heating oil is a relatively cheap fuel but it can cost more in times of great demand. This is often during the colder, winter months and an emergency delivery can sometimes feel all that more expensive with all the other costs a family faces during this time of year. If you can, try and purchase your heating oil in warmer months when the demand is lower and huge savings can be made. 

Completely Safe

Home heating oil is completely safe as it cannot be set on fire with a match. If you drop a lit match into your oil tank it will simply be extinguished. In liquid form, it is non-explosive and can’t mix with the air to become explosive. It needs to be vaporised if it is to be ignited.


Oil boilers are very robust and durable, if you look after them and get them serviced annually to ensure they are in safe working order. Many will last 20 years after being initially installed. However, as they get older they are unlikely to be as energy efficient as newer models.

If you’re ready to order home heating oil for your home, get in touch with us at Certa today. You can get an instant online quote on our website, and we deliver nationwide with a speedy and reliable service. 


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