Techrete: Powering Heavy Industry with Solar Power!

Techrete, a leading manufacturer of pre-cast concrete products to the construction sector in the UK & Ireland is seeing massive benefits from the installation of an intricate Solar PV system at its’ headquarters in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Derek Russell, Technical Director at Techrete outlines the reason for the change and the major benefits the solar system has brought to the business.

The company has committed to achieving Net Zero emissions for its’ facilities and products by 20230 and in 2021, the team at Techrete identified that with their ample roof-space and large on-site energy requirements, solar energy could be an excellent solution for achieving this goal while also reducing energy consumption at their production facility in Balbriggan.

Following consultations with AEI’s commercial team, the plan was drawn up for the installation of 840 x 380W Solar PV Panels on the main roof at the production site. This afforded Techrete a combined energy potential of 320kW.

In the two years since the solar PV system was installed on-site, it has generated 259,000kWh which has resulted in a saving for Techrete of over €100,000. 

In early 2023, having assessed the success of the system to date, Techrete then decided to extend the capacity of the system. AEI are now in the process of installing a further 432 x 450W panels at the site.

"We have benefited greatly from AEI's experience in the field. The process itself was seamless, with AEI leading the entire process from start to finish. From initial order, straight through to installation and commisiioning on the factory.

We've seen tremendous benefits since installing the system back in September 2021. We've reduced our energy consumption considerably and our cost of operating."

With the increased energy production capacity from the extension of the solar PV system this year, Derek and his team are confident they will be able to achieve the company’s ambitious target of generating 50% of the total energy required at the site from renewable resources by the end of the year.

This confidence is underwritten by AEI’s unique kilowatt guarantee scheme, whereby Techrete will be compensated for any loss in energy generation from the original system design.

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