Nissan’s Success with Solar Energy in Dublin

Motor businesses are always seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and transition towards sustainable practices. Nissan Ireland are leading by example with a significant step toward greener operations with a remarkable transition to solar energy, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Nissan, the global motor company who pioneered the first mass-produced electrical vehicle (EV) in the world – The Nissan Leaf have always aimed to provide motorists with low-carbon alternative choices with its products.

In a bid to further reduce their environmental impact at its main outlet facilities, Nissan Ireland decided to harness the power of the sun in 2021. Following a consultation with AEI, Ireland’s longest established solar PV installation company, Nissan took a giant leap towards reducing its carbon footprint by installing 298 x 380W solar panels on the roof of the main garage building at Windsor Motor Mall, Dublin. This impressive installation has granted them an energy capacity of 113kWp at the facility.

"Over the next couple of years the system will actually have paid for itself. Given the savings that we've experienced, we have also noticed a lot of dealers in our network who are now interested in looking at Solar PV going forward."

The switch to solar energy isn’t just about being environmentally responsible; it’s also a wise financial decision. Over the last two years since the installation of these solar panels, Nissan Ireland and Windsor Motor Mall have saved in excess of €68,000. This significant cost-saving not only demonstrates the financial feasibility of solar energy but also provides additional resources that can be invested in other sustainability initiatives or improving customer experiences.

To date, the panel array has generated over 170,000kWh since 2021. Following the success of the Solar PV system at Windsor Motor Mall, Michael Coghlan, Business Manager at Nissan Ireland has been contacted by many garage owners in the Nissan dealer network, registering their interest in the installation of similar Solar PV systems.

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